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May 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. ♪ >> michael: in the past week we have seen how flexible president obama's red line in syria can be, kind of like a twizler. the white house has stepped back from an immediate course of action. the president said he needed more time to make his case. >> obama: i have to make sure i have the facts. and if we end up rushing to judgment without hard effective evidence, then we can find ourselves in the position where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do. >> michael: getting more hard evidence night not be such a bad idea. anybody remember the phantom weapons of mass destruction george w. bush used to justify invading iraq? well joining me is who served as senior advisor to ambassador richard holbrooke, the special representative to afghanistan and pakistan. he is currently dean of the school of advanced international studies at johns hopkins university and is the author of the new book "the dispensable nation: american foreign policy in retreat". i even have a copy right here. welcome into "the war room," vali nasr. it does seem like a spectacularly good read g
Apr 29, 2013 3:00pm PDT
with the average age is probably 50 knew what he was talking about. it's almost predominantly white that whole group. so it was not exactly the rap music audience. he also made a couple of other references that most people didn't understand. but overall, you know, obama -- the thing about obama is -- obviously somebody else writes the jokes. in fact i know that guy that wrote the jokes a comedy writer by the name of billy kimmel no relationship to jimmy kimmel and the jokes are written for him. but his timing and his delivery is pretty amazing. you know, he -- he has perfect comic timing and a lot of people said his comic timing was better than conan o'brien, and in the room it felt like it was better than conan o'brien. conan was reading all of his jokes in a pretty rapid-fire delivery. and while he was funny, he didn't get the belly laughs that the president did, but of course some of that a brown nosing and this is his audience. is hollywood and -- the washington press corps. you know this is a little tilted to the left you know? >> michael: yeah. it's interesting to talk about t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2